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Dental Urgent Care Offers Affordable Walk In Dental Care

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If you're dealing with an emergency dental issues, you don't have time to wait. Many local dentists are often booked up for weeks to months in advance. Plus, most emergency dental work costs a fortune. When you're dealing with pain or the possibility of losing a tooth, you don't have time to wait. If you're struggling financially, you may even put off the care you need because you feel like you have no other choice.

At Dental Urgent Care, our walk in dental clinic is revolutionizing the industry here in the Southwest. You can walk right in to our dentist's office and quickly get your dental problem fixed at prices that anyone can afford. Our clinic accepts all major credit cards and cash. You will also get a receipt that you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

If you need fast, walk in care from a qualified dentist drive on out to see us. Our convenient location means that you can get care whenever you need it. We are revolutionizing the emergency dental care industry. Stop in and find out why.







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Dental Urgent Care – Walk In Emergency Dental Care You Can Trust

  • We offer dental care that's easier, faster, and more affordable.
  • Pay for walk in service with cash or credit card.
  • We believe everyone deserves quality dental care.
  • Our dentist can handle all sorts of dental emergencies.
  • Get affordable care at a modern dental clinic designed to maximize your comfort.

Considering the high cost of seeing a walk in dentist here in The States, there's little wonder why so many either go without treatment or seek out dental care in Mexico. At Dental Urgent Care, we believe everyone deserves quality emergency dental care, regardless of their financial situation. We especially cater to the following people:

  • Seniors on a fixed income
  • Single parents who make personal sacrifices for their kids
  • Our nation's veterans
  • People who work hard but never seem to get ahead
  • Anyone who can't afford to take time off of work
  • Those with emergency dental situations who are told to “Stick it out” until the weekend is over
  • People who may not be able to present identification
  • Anyone in need of urgent dental care

We opened Dental Urgent Care to meet the needs of anyone tired of dentistry's high cost and long wait times. We believe that dental care should be reasonably priced for everyone living in the United States, which is why we offer emergency walk in dental care at prices far below other clinics. We are revolutionizing walk in dental care here in the Southwest, and we can save you a fortune on dental crowns, root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, dentures, tooth extractions, dental bridges, and abscess tooth care.

Contact us today if you have any questions, or walk right in the front door for emergency care. We are eager to show you how affordable dental care should be.


Advantages to seeking walk in dental care from our state-of-the-art clinic

The main hindrance for many people needing quality emergency dental care is money. Even people with insurance often have to pay for the majority of a procedure like a root canal or dental crown, which could cost thousands of dollars here in the United States. Everyone wants the best dental care they can get, but if they can't afford it they are left with few options.

For many, traveling to Mexico is their only option. Most people living in the Southwest know at least a few people with great looking smiles who saw a dentist in Mexico. What they don't see is whether the work they received in Mexico withstood the real test – time. If problems arise or the work doesn't hold up, these same people could end up losing their teeth or dealing with more severe dental problems just a few shorts years down the road. In the long, they would pay more money and spend a lot more time in the dentist's chair.

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Many people are unable to travel to a foreign country for dental care. If they're suffering from pain or the possibility of losing teeth, they may go to emergency rooms for antibiotics instead of getting the care they need to treat the issue. We believe that a person's income shouldn't make it impossible for them to get the same quality care as every other American.

We back that up with a business model designed to help everyone get better, easier, and more affordable emergency dental care. The care we provide is just as good as any other clinic's. In fact, we utilize a number of cutting-edge technologies not found in many other local dental clinics.

If you're dealing with pain, need dentures, or dealing with any other issue, we are the walk in dentist that can solve your problem affordably.


Walk in dental care without the hassle

At Dental Urgent Care, you will get reliable care from a qualified walk in dentist without the long wait times. You can have confidence in the quality of the work, the equipment being used, and the materials going into your mouth. We use the most modern dental procedures accepted by the most highly trained dentists in the world.

Just a few of the other benefits to seeking care from our walk in dentist include:

  • Short wait times (if any)
  • Walk in dental care during all operating hours
  • 3D printed crowns made on site while you wait
  • Pay for your walk in care with cash or credit card

If you would like to know more about our emergency dental services, give us a call. Or stop by to see our walk in dentist.


A short list of our walk in dental services

What follows is a brief list of our emergency dental care services offered to walk in customers:

Root Canals are necessary when a tooth becomes infected or the pulp is damaged. If left untreated, a painful abscess could develop and the tooth may have to be extracted. When you visit the emergency care walk in dentist, they will remove the pulp, fill the tooth, and then seal it. A crown usually is placed over the tooth to protect it from further deterioration. Your dentist can 3D print your crown while you wait, saving you yet another visit to the emergency care clinic.

Abscessed Tooth is when an infection causes a pocket of pus to form around the tooth's root. If this happens to you, it's important to seek emergency care from a walk in dentist immediately. These serious infections can spread to other parts of the body, making you very ill. Usually, the infection is cleared with antibiotics before a root canal is performed to repair the tooth. Then a dental crown is put in place to protect the tooth. If the tooth is too severely damaged, it may have to be extracted by your dentist.


Wisdom Teeth Removal is necessary when the wisdom teeth have no room to grow into the mouth and become impacted. The teeth are extracted in a fairly routine procedure, but it's important to make sure it's done by a qualified professional dentist or oral surgeon.

Affordable Dentures can be made at our walk in dental clinic for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere in the states. Look you best with reliable dentures that withstand the test of time.

Dental Bridges are used to fill in gaps in the mouth where teeth no longer exist. Dental bridges are usually held in place between two crowned teeth that act as anchors. Our dentist uses the highest quality materials to create dental bridges that match existing teeth and integrate seamlessly in your mouth.

Dental Crowns are used to protect existing teeth and make your smile look its best. We can create them on site with our 3D printer, completely removing the hassle usually associated with this process.


Trust our affordable care

At Dental Urgent Care, affordable prices are here to stay, accompanied by other benefits to visiting our walk in dentist. Our advanced dental technology means you seldom need to make more than one visit to our clinic.

For example, every other clinic in the world offering dentures requires from 4 to 5 visits to have them fabricated. When you come to our clinic, only one visit is necessary. This includes 3 free adjustments.

Most dental offices take 2 to 3 weeks to fabricate dental crowns, but our digital scanning and 3D printing technology eliminates the expense of impressions, lab fees, and repeat visits.

Not only are our prices cheaper, our methodology is smarter. Not only do you save money on the bottom-line price, you also save money by avoiding unnecessary steps.

And who doesn't like fewer visits to the dentist?


Walk in today for affordable walk in dental care

If you're looking for a walk in dentist you can trust with your smile, contact Dental Urgent Care today. Why pay more when you can get quality United States dental care at the lowest price possible.



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