Dental Urgent Care Offers Affordable Emergency Dental Care that anyone can afford

Are you looking for an affordable emergency dental clinic? If so, you're probably finding out that it's not so easy. Emergency dental services are expensive and it can take weeks to get an appointment with a local dentist. At Dental Urgent care, we have the solution you're looking for.

Dental Urgent Care is offering something revolutionary to the dental industry. If you need a root canal, dental crown, dentures, a dental bridge, or any other emergency dental service, we offer quality care that is far more affordable than any other clinic. We believe that urgent dental care should be available to everyone, and we back up that belief by offering a complete line of emergency dental services.

Best of all, your emergency dental work will be performed by a dentist fully trained in the most modern dental techniques. The work they do will be performed in our comfortable clinic, with materials, equipment, and techniques so advanced that they're not often found in many dental offices.

Are you ready to save money and get affordable dental care from a qualified dentist? Simply walk through the front door and we will take exceptional care of you.

Dental Urgent Care – Quality dental care at prices that make sense

  • Urgent dental care should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial means.
  • Pay with cash or major credit card and get a receipt.
  • Have confidence in the quality of your dental care.
  • Our dentists continue their education to stay abreast of all modern dental techniques.
  • Short wait times – walk-in care – affordable prices – the choice is clear

Not many people like going to the dentist, and nobody enjoys the high prices, especially when it comes to emergency dental care which is often even more expensive. If you can't afford a trip to the emergency dentist, you may end up losing teeth or face more serious dental problems. Indeed, everyone has a right to affordable emergency dental care.

We made it possible to pay fair prices for emergency dental services. Dental Urgent Care is the emergency dentist you've been looking for. You will get quality treatment at a price that's revolutionizing the dental care industry. If you have any questions, give us a call today. Or simply walk in the front door to see an emergency dentist today.

How is Dental Urgent Care different than other dental offices?

Dental Urgent Care’s promise to its patients is to provide a clean and modern atmosphere, friendly staff, and the best technology and materials so that all treatment is affordable and fast. Low cost and high quality is always in mind for the interest of our patients.

The investment that is made in our technology allows the pricing to be far lower than other clinics, as it reduces time, also adding to patients’ comfort. With technology comes quality, and Dental Urgent Care gives patients lasting treatment with prices comparable to other countries right in the United States.

At Dental Urgent Care, nothing is cut for cost. Your emergency dentist provides efficiency with mission and values that focus on patient’s safety, care, quality, and satisfaction. The materials and procedures at this dental office are no different than the priciest dental offices in the world; we have made it our mission to treat those who deserve affordable, satisfying dental care.

Technologies Offered at Dental Urgent Care

These are just a few of the technologies used by our emergency dentist.

Panoramic Imaging: A panoramic x-ray captures the upper and lower jaws, teeth, and tissues in one image. This is beneficial to see the “whole picture” so that your emergency dentist can precisely diagnose and treat all of a patient’s dental needs.

Nomad Intraoral X-ray Imaging: As a handheld device, x-ray imaging becomes less painful, faster, and more accurate for patient’s diagnostic imaging. With Nomad, there are softer x-ray ridges and less radiation exposure for a comfortable experience to patients.

3-D Printed Crowns: With the ability to fabricate crowns in the office, patients receive the fastest solutions possible for their dental problems. Our crowns are 3-D printed to precisely crown one or more teeth, matched to a patient’s unique smile anatomy. Our crowns are made with cubic zirconia, which is the preferred choice of dental providers. Cubic zirconia lasts longer than typical porcelain material, is resistant to stains, chips, and cracks and gives a natural appearance so that it is impossible to tell that a tooth has a restoration.

3-D Dental Scanners: Gooey impression material is no longer necessary with the use of 3-D dental scanners, which thoroughly scan an area of the mouth to recreate the surface for a crown or bridge to be made to fit perfectly.

Sterilization: Traditional dental offices do not store their instruments in cassettes, nor package them for sterilization. At Dental Urgent Care, all tools belong in a protective and sterile cassette to minimize wear on the tools, as well as ensure that they are sterilized and safe for patient use. All dental tools are packaged in sealed, sterile pouches with indicators that change color when properly sterilized.

Types of Dental Emergencies

A toothache occurs when the nerve in the tooth is irritated. This could be due to infection, decay, or injury to the tooth. If not treated by an emergency dentist, the infection, decay, or injury could get worse,  resulting in more work to be done and poor oral health.

Cracked or Broken Teeth
Whether it is a crown, filling, or natural tooth, any chip, crack, or break to a tooth is considered an emergency as there could be resulting pain, sensitivity, or ability to get worse if left untreated.

Sensitivity can occur in the gums, or from different forces such as touch/pressure or hot/cold sensations. Oral sensitivity may indicate more serious dental issues, such as tooth decay or infection.

Tongue Swelling & Irritation
Tongue swelling and irritation may indicate oral health problems, allergies, tissue damage, or fluid leakage into the tongue. An emergency dentist can help diagnose and treat these potential issues.

Gum Discoloration, Sensitivity, & Swelling
Any type of gum problem can indicate more serious oral health problems, such as built up plaque on teeth, bacterial infection, gingivitis, periodontitis, poor home care, deficiencies, an abscess, or various types of illnesses.

Facial Swelling
Facial swelling could be the result of tooth infection, wisdom teeth, jaw pain, or an allergy. There may be an abscess, visible or not visible, near teeth or within the jaw. It can become more serious and spread, potentially causing cellulitis.

Lacerations and Burns
Cuts and burns to the lip, gums, tongue, or mouth can become serious if infected. Lacerations and burns can occur from accidents, sharp and broken teeth, hot food or drink, bacterial infection, medication side effects, or other illnesses.

An abscess is a painful pocket of pus that occurs from infection, which can be inside or outside of the mouth along the lips. Dental decay, a broken tooth, bacterial buildup, or old dental restorations such as fillings or crowns can cause an abscess. Our emergency dentist can painlessly treat, prevent the abscess from returning, and treat your dental decay all in the same visit.

Oral infections can cause serious pain and problems if not treated. Some oral infections such as a tooth infection, could travel to the brain or heart and cause severe damage. Oral infections can occur in the gums, lips, palate, cheeks, tongue, or inside a tooth.

Jaw Pain
Jaw pain can occur for a variety of reasons, such as clenching, grinding, bruxism, jaw joint problems, bite problems, or wisdom teeth pain that radiates to the jaw. Several treatment options exist for alleviating jaw pain.

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth can cause pain, damage to adjacent teeth, and infection if they are troublesome  and have not been removed. Wisdom teeth pain may radiate to the neck and jaw and cause headaches.

An “Emergency Dentist Near Me” without the hassle

At Dental Urgent Care, you get quality dental care at prices you can afford without the hassle and discomfort often associated with going to the dentist. Our professionally trained dentists use the most modern equipment to practice the most cutting-edge dental techniques. Every tool, every crown, every bridge, and every type of material that goes into your mouth will be completely sterile and of the finest quality.

Some other benefits of coming to our emergency dental clinic include:

  • Walk-in care
  • A receipt for insurance reimbursement
  • Pay with cash or credit card
  • Affordable, fair prices for emergency dental work

By eliminating the risk of international travel while providing the best-possible dental care, it's easy to see why so many people trust us with their smile.

Affordable emergency dental care from dentists who care

If you have questions about any of our emergency dental services, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer them. If you're dealing with an emergency dental matter, please come and see us as soon as you can.

Your smile is one of your most important assets, so be sure to treat it right. Our dentists understand the importance of quality dental care and are ready for you to place your trust in them. Get quality dental care at affordable prices by contacting Dental Urgent Care today.