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Do you need a root canal? At Dental Urgent Care, we offer walk-in urgent dental care in a comfortable environment, at prices you can afford. You can get your root canal treatment done at a fraction of the price without having to worry about the quality of your care.

Our dentists receive ongoing training every year as their career matures. This means they are always up-to-date on the most modern procedures. Our dental clinic takes advantage of the most state-of-the-art equipment and treatment techniques, so you can have just as much confidence in your dental care as you do your smile.

One your root canal is finished, you will likely need to get a crown placed over the tooth. We use a 3D printer to create your crown while you wait, eliminating the hassle of repeat visits to the dentist. You can pay for your treatment with cash or credit card.

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Getting any kind of dental work done is expensive, and you often have to wait weeks, or even months, to get an appointment. At Dental Urgent Care, we are revolutionizing urgent care dental treatment by offering the most modern care at prices far below most dentists. We accept major credit cards and if you have insurance, you can submit your receipt for reimbursement.

Best of all, you are getting quality care from a dentist working in a relaxed environment where your comfort and safety are paramount. If you need root canal treatment, take advantage of our affordable urgent dental care.

Understanding Root Canal Therapy

A root canal restores the function and health of a tooth with deep decay and typically, pain or infection within the nerve (pulp) located at the center of the tooth. A root canal has a high success rate that allows you to keep your natural tooth for more time, possibly a lifetime, after treatment.

In a healthy tooth, the pulp and nerve are protected and sealed by the natural surfaces of the tooth. When a tooth loses the protective barrier, bacteria and debris have access to cause damage over time to a tooth.

Tooth pulp can become irritated, inflamed, and infected from deep decay, repeated restorations on a tooth (such as multiple fillings or crown placement), chips, cracks, fractures to the tooth, or trauma to the face. When the pulp is exposed to and damaged by bacteria, infection or an abscessed tooth can persist.

Failure to treat a tooth that needs a root canal can cause more problems such as:

  • Severe pain when eating, talking, and/or sensations to cold or hot
  • Discoloration of the tooth – making it darker in appearance
  • Facial or gum swelling/tenderness that may spread to the neck or head
  • Infection spreading to other areas of the mouth, in worst cases to other parts of the body through the bloodstream
  • Bone loss around the tooth root, which may cause a tooth to become loose or infection to reach the pulp and bloodstream easier

During root canal therapy, the pulp (nerve) is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed so that no infection or pain remains. The nerve and pulp in the center of a tooth will not negatively affect the health and function of the tooth as it only provides sense to hot and cold.

When the pulp is removed and cleaned from the tooth, you will not have feeling – thus no pain – from this tooth ever again. After the pulp is removed, the tooth is resealed with therapeutic and lasting materials, then capped with a crown to restore all functionality and strength.

Is my root canal going to hurt?

A root canal has a reputation of being a painful procedure – but it is not something to avoid as with properly trained dentists, a root canal can feel just like a filling, completed with no feeling or pain throughout the whole procedure. The area being treated with root canal therapy will be completely numb before the dentist begins the procedure. Even before injecting numbing anesthetic, the dentist will numb the gums with a gel so that even the needle isn’t felt by you.

A root canal at our Dental Urgent Care can be completed in just 1-2 visits with the technology and efficiency we are proud to offer. A crown for the root canal tooth can be fabricated and ready for you the same day by using our 3D cubic zirconia crown printer, which seals perfectly to your tooth for maximal results that you can’t get without this technology.

More information about root canal treatment

The tooth's pulp is made up of blood vessels, connective tissue, and a nerve that extends all the way down to the tip of the tooth's root. Once a tooth emerges through the gum, the nerve is no longer essential, as it only notifies the brain if the tooth is coming into contact with something that is hot or cold. Still, once the treatment is performed, the tooth will be more susceptible to cracking, which is why you need to place a crown over the tooth.

Failure to treat a tooth in need of pulp removal can cause it to abscess. This is when the infection causes a pus-filled pocket to form in the location of the tooth's root. This can cause painful swelling in the face or neck, bone loss, and drainage problems that could lead to a hole forming in the gums.

If you have a tooth infection or abscess, you will likely have symptoms that include pain, discoloration of the tooth, gum swelling, a lump on your gums, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures on the tooth.

The root canal is performed during one or more visits to the urgent care dentist, although much of the pain can be eliminated after just one visit for most people. The first step is to take an x-ray to get a close-up picture of the tooth and see whether the infection has migrated into the bone.

Next, anesthesia is used to maximize patient comfort during the treatment. A rubber dam is placed around the tooth before a hole is drilled to access the pulp. A series of files specifically used for root canal treatment remove the pulp. Debris is washed away, the interior of the tooth is cleaned, the gap where the pulp used to be is filled, and then the drilled hole is sealed.

It's often necessary to place a crown over the tooth after the treatment is completed and has time to fully heal. Root canals have a 95% success rate, and the treatment is not noticeable to anyone admiring your smile.

We offer a better way to get urgent care dental treatment

For many people, the high cost of urgent dental care prevents them from getting much-needed treatments done in a timely manner. This can be problematic when you have a tooth infection because the problem won't go away, and the longer you wait for treatment, the more likely it is that you will lose the tooth. If your tooth is ultimately extracted, you will have to get a dental bridge or implant, which is far more expensive than a root canal, and requires multiple visits to the dentist.

At Dental Urgent Care, you get top-quality walk in emergency dental care at prices that are dramatically lower than most local dentists. The equipment we use, the materials that go into your mouth, and the level of care you receive will be of the highest quality.

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  • Walk-in care.
  • Your 3D printed crowns can be created while you wait.
  • All of our equipment and tools are state-of-the-art.
  • Your insurance can pay for your treatment.
  • Pay by cash or credit card.

It's easy to see how we are changing the way people think about urgent dental care.

We offer a full line of urgent care dental treatment options

At Dental Urgent Care, we do far more than just root canals. We also offer a complete line of emergency dental care treatments at a fraction of the cost of your local dentist. Call us today if you have any questions about the following treatments we offer:

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Affordable dentures
  • Dental plans
  • Dental crowns

Now you can get comprehensive urgent dental care for your entire family without hassle or spending a fortune.

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