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Yuma Emergency Dental

Our Yuma emergency dentist is proud to offer a complete line of services that include:

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  • Invisilign
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In the United States, there are large financial divides and sometimes people cannot present identification when they visit a Yuma emergency dentist. Many people in Yuma are on fixed incomes.

If you're struggling to get by, you can still get emergency dental treatment at our clinic. Best of all, your dental care will be on par with, or better than, treatment you receive at any other Yuma emergency dental clinic.

Yuma Tidbits

Yuma is the county seat of Yuma County, Arizona. The city is positioned on the southwestern edge of Arizona and it is specifically situated in the Yuma Desert of the Sonoran Desert. Yuma is also the largest city that's part of the Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population of Yuma according to the 2000 census data was 77,515. In 2010, the numbers went up to 93,064 residents.

Being a member of the Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area, the city is a popular destination of more than 85,000 people during the winter season. According to the latest data of the U.S. Census Bureau, Yuma MSA has over is 203,000 residents.

In 1540, Hernando de Alarcon and Melchior Diaz, explorers from Spain, discovered that the spot across the Colorado River is an ideal place to build a city. Although, for centuries, Yuma's original inhabitants were the different Native American tribes.

There were several military expeditions that reached Yuma including Juan Bautista de Anza in 1774, the Mormon Battalion in 1848, and finally, the California Column in 1862. As a way to preserve their culture, the city of Yuma allotted the Cocopah and Quechan reservations as the dwelling place of the tribes' descendants.

During the California Gold Rush, Yuma became popular for its ferryboat wharfs. Travelers would enter California through these crossings. People could conveniently cross the far-reaching Colorado River and if anyone decides to travel by foot, they could do so by following the Southern Emigrant Trail. Because of these access roads, Yuma became a gateway to California.

Two new towns near Yuma were developed. The first one was called Jaeger City and it was named after the owner of Jaeger's Ferry, which crossed the river there. The town had a post office and a visitor information center, two blacksmiths, a mini hotel, two general stores, and similar businesses.

Meanwhile, the other town was called Colorado City and it was placed near the river. When the town started, it was located north of the Mexican-ruled Sonora. Originally, Colorado City, and the river banks of the Colorado River were registered in San Diego and both were under the authority of California. However, when the United States expanded through The Gadsden Purchase, the town was recognized as a part of Arizona in 1863.

Because of the Great Flood of 1862, Both Colorado City and Jaeger City were almost unrecognizable and shambled to pieces. Eventually, Colorado City's boats carried materials and equipments for the different mining facilities. Soon, Colorado City decided to merge with Arizona City.

The newly combined city expanded and established its own post office in 1858. To avoid future disastrous floods, residents built their houses on a higher ground. The two taverns, two general stores, and all establishments were also placed on an elevated area. In 1871, Arizona City replaced La Paz as Yuma County's official county seat. Two years after, the city was renamed to Yuma.

In 1877, The Southern Pacific Railroad built a railway to provide more methods of transportation to the people. Because Yuma had the only steamboat company in the area, it became the new naval headquarters. Various shipping companies decided to relocate their warehouses and shipyards to Yuma.