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Bullhead City Emergency Dental

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Bullhead City Tidbits

With a total area of 60.18 square miles, Bullhead City is considered as Mohave County's biggest city. Located on the border of Lake Mohave, the city is 5 just miles away from Laughlin, Nevada. Other geographic neighbors include Oatman, Arizona, Needles, California, Fort Mohave, and Mohave Valley.

According to the city's census data, the population in 2010 was reported to be 39,540 residents. In 2017, it was estimated to be around 40,252. Bullhead City is equipped with an award-winning airport, two large-scale hospitals, and a public community college. Not only that, the city also provides a wide array of commercial and shopping options for the entire tri-state area of Nevada, California, and Arizona.

The Mojave people were the first residents of the Colorado River Valley. They had a comfortable farming district due to the valley's lush soil and well-supplied water. There was a Mojave legend explaining that life started on the Spirit Mountain, the topmost pinnacle that can be seen from Bullhead City.

Melchor Diaz, an explorer from Spain, was the first European to have visited the area. In 1540, he travelled to the northwestern region of the Mohave County. He documented that he met with a group of Native Americans, and they introduced themselves as "Pipa Aha Macav." When translated, it means "People by the River."

The term Mojave came from the phrase "Aha Macav." You might be curious on why some documents spell it as Mojave while others opt the Mohave spelling. Either way, the two terms are both correct. Just to point it out: the modern English spelling is Mohave while traditional Spanish spelling is Mojave.

In March 1864, the present location of Bullhead City was originally called Hardyville. The settlement area was named after William Harrison Hardy, a native from New York. He was known to be a wealthy businessman, and he established a steamboat company with his friend George Alonzo Johnson.

His ferry service helped people to easily travel from the Mojave Road to the Colorado River. He also built a toll road. The Hardyville - Prescott Road was a way to connect Hardyville and Prescott, the capital of the Arizona Territory.

On January 17, 1865, William Harrison Hardy was also named as the first postmaster and he was recognized for his riveted mail sack invention. Being an entrepreneur, a postmaster, a legislator, and a county supervisor, it's not a surprise that he was named as the second-richest person in Arizona. In 1864, his declared net worth was more than $40,000.

In May 1883, the mining industry relocated and moved away from Colorado River and Hardyville. Thus, the post office was terminated and Hardyville was left with solely having a mill as the source of income. After that, Hardyville practically became a ghost town with only very few people residing in the idle town.

Years later, Hardyville rose from its ashes and it became a new community. From 1942 to 1953, a dam was constructed and it was called Bullhead Dam. When the project was completed, the nearby community was officially named Bullhead City. Because it was close to Laughlin, Nevada, a casino and resort town, Bullhead City benefited from this and it also experienced both economic and population growth.