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Blythe Emergency Dental

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In the United States, there are large financial divides and sometimes people cannot present identification when they visit a Blythe emergency dentist. Many people in Blythe are on fixed incomes.

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Blythe Tidbits

Blythe is a city in California and it is part of the Riverside County. The city is known to be one of Colorado River Valley's agricultural sectors. Blythe is 224 miles away from Los Angeles, California and 150 miles away from Phoenix, Arizona. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Blythe had a population of 20,817 residents in 2010.

Colorado River Valley and its neighboring communities had access to running potable water because of the efforts Thomas Blythe, a well-known financier from San Francisco. Blythe wanted to build his empire. However, another person, by the name of William Calloway, wanted to do the same. He saw Colorado River's potential for development. Because Calloway was a renowned engineer, he explored a territory opposite the Colorado River on his own. He made an initial inspection of the area and registered the land to be his under the Swamp Land Act of 1850.

On July 17, 1877, Thomas Blythe filed his first claim for Colorado River water and planned to name it The Blythe Intake. He figured that he couldn't do it alone so he tasked George Irish to be the project manager. In like manner, George Irish would need Calloway's expertise in building a water irrigation system. Unfortunately, Calloway died on March 28, 1880, and Thomas Blythe died three years after.

After Blythe died, the construction stopped and his real estate properties later went into a legal dispute. His illegitimate daughter Florence and several others filed a petition as the rightful claimant. After years of trial, Florence was recognized as the lawful owner of Blythe's estate.

In 1904, Frank Murphy and Ed Williams brought the cattle industry to the area. They were certain that cattle raising would flourish. Together with the Hobson brothers, the group purchased Blythe's estate and established the Palo Verde Land and Water Company. Blythe officially became a city on July 21, 1916.

Roughly a month after its incorporation, The California Southern Railroad arrived in Blythe. This development led to an economic growth that gained national attention. Cotton production increased exponentially in Blythe. From almost having no income to acquiring $8,000,000 in a short span of time. However, in 1920, cotton prices started to go down and this ended the community's continuous progress.

In 1935, Blythe's Boulder Dam halted the catastrophic floods in the valley. During the city's 15th anniversary, the citizens expressed their gratitude because they were able to grown around 40 crops in the farms, and raised large cattle and bovines. The Fisher Ranch was known to have the largest collection of Brahman cattle in California. They would even sell their animals to the West Coast and even overseas.

Blythe was also known to house the United States Army Air Forces facilities in the Blythe Airport and the Gary Field. During the early 1960s, Blythe renovated their first automobile bridge. Cars can easily travel from Blythe to Ehrenberg and vice versa. The bridge now has four lanes and a pedestrian walkway was added in 1974. Another expressway development was made in 1972. Interstate 10 became the main thoroughfare for all vehicles. The newly built I-10 replaced the U.S. Highway 60 and inactive U.S. Highway 70 in E. Hobson Way.