Dental Floss or Water Flosser?

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May 14, 2019
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Dental Floss or Water Flosser?

Dental floss and water flossing are both easy and practical ways to clean the spaces between your teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. Dental floss is guided by your fingers to reach between teeth and under the gums. The best way to use dental floss is to guide it with your fingers to make a “C” shape (like a hug) around the sides of each tooth.

A water flosser is a powered flossing tool that uses applied water pressure with an easy-to-handle head to clean the spaces between teeth and under the gums.

The most important habit to keep would be daily flossing, however you find it easiest. Dental floss and water flossers each have pros and cons.

Dental Floss Pros

  • Easy to travel!
  • Convenient and cheap
  • Varying types of floss, such as thickness and coating differences

Dental Floss Cons

  • It might be hard to get the proper flossing technique down
  • May be hard to reach all teeth
  • May feel like a “pop” between your teeth because of close tooth contact

Water Flosser Pros

  • Different pressure levels for comfort
  • Can add mouthwash to your device for freshness
  • Great for cleaning deep pockets and usually hard to reach areas

Water Flosser Cons

  • Water flosser units may be hard to travel with due to their size
  • May cause sensitive gums if too strong water pressure is used
  • May cause gum recession if you do not use your flosser with caution