Dental Bridge

Get an Affordable Dental Bridge from Dental Urgent Care

If you need a dental bridge but don't want to pay the high prices most local dentists charge, there is an alternative. At Dental Urgent Care, we provide our patients with affordable urgent dental care at a fraction of the price charged by other emergency care dentists.

We offer quality walk-in dental care in our comfortable, state-of-the-art clinic. Our dentists receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date on all the latest dental procedures, materials, and techniques.

If you need a dental bridge, stop by Dental Urgent Care and put your trust in our hard-working dentists. We proudly offer comprehensive emergency dental care at prices that run from 40% to 50% lower than other local dentists.

Dental Bridges from A Local Dentist You Can Trust

  • You can get your bridge at a price that makes sense.
  • Pay for your dental care with cash or credit card.
  • Use your receipt to seek reimbursement from your detal insurance company.
  • Trust that the materials used to make your bridge with withstand the test of time.
  • Why wait for an appointment with your dentist when you can get your bridge without the wait?

Getting any dental work done in the United States is expensive, especially if you need a dental bridge. It may also take a long time to even get an appointment, but dental emergencies cannot be postponed just because your dentist is busy.

What if you could get quality urgent dental work done when you need it at prices that seem almost too good to be true? Well, now you can. When you visit our dental clinic for your new bridge, you won't have to wait forever for an appointment because we offer walk-in care. You will enjoy a clean, comfortable environment and professional care for your entire family.

We are revolutionizing urgent dental care in a variety of ways, so come into our clinic for all of your urgent dental care needs.

Dental Bridge Treatment Explained

A dental bridge is just what it sounds like – a bridge sealed to existing teeth to fill in the gaps of a missing tooth or multiple teeth, bridging your smile to be unifying, functional, and attractive. A bridge is composed of cubic zirconia, just like individual crowns, but it serves a purpose of crowning multiple teeth at once, including a pontic crown or crowns, which means a crown that gives the appearance of having a tooth or teeth that you’re actually missing.

Reasons for getting a dental bridge include:

  • Having multiple teeth in a row needing crown treatment due to deep decay
  • Inability to receive or afford implant treatment
  • Cosmetic appeal to replacing a missing tooth or teeth
  • Weak adjacent teeth to missing tooth or teeth
  • Bone loss in area missing tooth or teeth

The teeth adjacent to your missing tooth/teeth may are need restoration, such as a crown, because they have more decay or complications than fillings can restore. The adjacent teeth to a missing tooth or multiple teeth can benefit from a dental bridge because they may be teeth that:

  • Have a cavity that is too large for a filling to properly restore
  • Have chips, cracks, weakness, or wear
  • Have an unfinished or in process root canal treatment — the crown will protect the restored tooth
  • You have concerns with the cosmetic appearance of (discolored or misaligned tooth)
  • Need to be covered because they have had a root canal or implant replacement

Just like a single dental crown, bridges are sealed, unified “caps” along multiple teeth that aid your existing teeth and gap(s) to provide the structure and strength for everyday use. Sometimes fillings cannot restore teeth due to being an excess of decay present or weakness in structure, however they may not need to be extracted.

Restoring your existing teeth helps maintain your natural smile, bone health, and everyday function – whereas an extraction or no treatment may take all of this away. Bridges can be placed on existing teeth, fill gaps, or on teeth that received root canal therapy.

For a dental bridge to be placed, the teeth needs to be shaped to properly house (fit) the bridge, replace gaps, as well as remove the decayed portions of the existing teeth. Teeth may need to be built up with a special strengthening material if additional strength is needed to support the bridge. This procedure feels just like a getting a filling or cleaning and our dentists will generously numb you so that your experience is comfortable and painless.

Dental bridges have many benefits?

There are many benefit to getting a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, and these include:

  • A bridge can restore your full smile
  • A bridge can restore your ability to speak normally and chew food
  • A bridge can help maintain the proper shape of your face
  • A bridge allows for the proper distribution of bite force
  • A bridge prevents the rest of your teeth from moving into an undesirable position

There are three varieties of dental bridges, each with its own particular use.

Traditional bridges are the most common variety and include a bridge supported by crowned teeth on ether side of the pontic.

Cantilever bridges is used when there is only one tooth available to support the pontic, and it's most often used in the back of the mouth.

Maryland bonded bridges have “wings” that are bonded to existing teeth.

Getting your bridge at Dental Urgent Care

Before the bridge can be put in place, it's necessary to make sure the abutment teeth are properly prepared. A crown is placed over the teeth after removing some enamel so that it fits as intended. We print 3D crowns while you wait at our clinic, making this process far more streamlined.

A 3D impression of your teeth is created through digital scanning. This serves as a model to create the bridge. While this new bridge is being made, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge that protects your teeth and gums, which is also made from the 3D scanned model.

When you return to the dentist, your temporary bridge is removed and the new one is put in place and adjusted for perfect fit in your mouth. Your dentist will permanently cement it into place, and ensure you are comfortable with the fit.

We build bridges that last

One of the advantages of coming to us for your dental bridge is that you can have confidence in the quality of the workmanship. If you take good care of your teeth and brush and floss as recommended, your new bridge will last upwards of 15 years.

A lot of patients worry about whether a bridge will effect chewing when they eat. If you're missing any teeth, the bridge will actually make it easier to chew. While you're getting used to your new bridge, you may want to eat soft food.

Your new dental bridge will also help you speak more clearly. People with missing teeth often find it difficult to pronounce words properly, but a bridge restores the teeth to their natural position, which aids your ability to speak.

Caring for your bridge to ensure its longevity is not complicated. Brushing twice a day, flossing and/or water flossing, as well as rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash is all it takes to keep your bridge healthy.

Best of all, you will have a smile that you can be proud of, and it won't cost you a fortune to get the bridge made. If you would like to find out more about dental bridges here at Dental Urgent Care, give us a call or stop by and see us.

We are a full service urgent dental care clinic

At Dental Urgent Care, we do far more than just build bridges for our dental patients. Pay by cash or credit card. Many insurance companies cover some or all of the cost of a new bridge, so use your receipt to save even more money.

We also offer the following emergency care dental services:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Root canals
  • Dental Pain
  • Affordable dentures
  • Abscess tooth care

Take care of your smile today at prices that are fair and reasonable. Trust in the quality of the workmanship or the materials used to make your new bridge with help from our professional team.

Other advantages of visiting us for your urgent dental care needs

If you have missing teeth and you need a dental bridge, you can't ignore the problem and hope it will go away. The problem will only get worse over time, because remaining teeth can shift over into the gaps, causing other dental issues that can degrade teeth and lead to more severe health issues. That's why taking care of the issue now makes sense.

There are countless other benefits to using our dental clinic. These include:

  1. Walk-in service and short wait times
  2. State-of-the-art equipment and dental tools
  3. Highly-skilled dentists
  4. Ongoing training for our dentists
  5. Pay by credit card or cash