Clear Braces to Straighten Your Smile

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May 15, 2019

Clear Braces to Straighten Your Smile

Clear braces may be the best option for you if you’re looking to discreetly straighten your smile.

Clear aligners ditch the metal and use a clear and safe thermoplastic, which is FDA-approved. It does not contain BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. Also, you’re able to remove your liners whenever you desire.

Seeing our trained dentists, who are certified to offer clear braces, eliminates the hassle of bad dentistry from at-home kits offered today. Getting your clear braces at a dental or orthodontist office ensures that your treatment is catered and custom to your unique smile anatomy. Depending on your alignment needs, your treatment may last only 6 months!

It is important to keep a relationship with your provider once receiving your first set of clear braces as you will need to receive new liners to continue straightening your smile over time. Digital technology and treatment planning help your provider adjust your treatment with each visit. You will likely leave with new liners with each visit.

There are so many reasons that clear braces are an excellent treatment choice:

  • Clear and Invisible look
  • Removable for eating/drinking
  • Comfortable material that won’t cut the gums and lips like metal braces
  • 3D impressions – no gooey material!
  • Easy to clean and take care of the aligners
  • Dentists/Orthodontists that provide clear braces are certified and qualified
  • Technology shows if you’re wearing your aligner enough!

Come see us today to learn more about our clear braces and straighten your smile!